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The reason causes of acnes

  • 09/12/2021 | 2021
  • 1. Internal causes


    At different ages, the hormones will have many changes, increasing, causing the sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands) to be active, especially at puberty. This happens to both men and women. When too much sebum is secreted, the mouth of the sebaceous glands can become blocked leading to acne formation. Not only during puberty but before the menstrual cycle, hormone levels are disturbed, so women are also prone to acne.


     Women need to pay close attention to their daily eating habits to make appropriate adjustments. Eat more green vegetables, fruits, reduce fast foods, starches from rice...  foods with a lot of fat and fat. In addition, you should have a regular exercise and sports regime to increase the body's metabolism and have plump skin.

    Lack of sleep:

    Sleep is very important to the body, a deep sleep is very necessary for the whole body to rest, and at the same time is the period for the body to detox, remove toxins inside the body, restore damaged cells. When you lack sleep, the skin in the eye area is dark circles and prone to acne.