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  • 19/11/2021 | 2021
  • The Puffme family has launched the biggest promotion ever this November for women.

    Puffme Lotion 180 pieces
    This Puffme airlaid 180-piece cotton line is the perfect choice for those of you who want to save toner water in the skincare step.

    This cotton is designed to double, double the area: 5×15 cm/piece. With a smooth, lint-free surface, made of 100% Airlaid Cotton., cotton is both thin and tough to help you save toner, hugging the skin. Soak a cotton pad in the toner solution, place it on your face for 3-5 minutes to help your skin absorb the essence of the toner better.

    In addition, right at channels: Shopee and Lazada, you will receive a gift of 1 pretty Let-Green antibacterial deodorant wet wipe, 15 pieces/bag, very convenient to go out.