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Puffme Paper Mask 20 Pieces/ Pack

Soft non-woven fabric, designed to hug the face, easy for face skincare, acne removal

  • Uses

      The facial skincare, peel off acne bran.

  • Special ingredients


      Mask specification: 24.5*19.5cm/piece

      Packing: 20 pieces/bag

      Packing: 100 bags/carton

  • User manual


      Take a small folded sheet of the mask into the skincare solution, gently press the mask to absorb evenly, apply the mask on the face and relax for 15~20 minutes, then remove the mask and wash your face with warm water.

      *Peeling of the ances:

      Apply a layer of acne removal cream on your face, apply a dry mask and relax for a few minutes until

      When the cream is completely dry, then remove the mask and rinse with water

      After use, stick the cover to avoid dust.

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