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Puffme Oil Absorbent Papers (Green Tea, Vitamin C+E, Supper Absorbent)

Green tea flavor: With a combination of green tea essence and powder, it easily cleans oil on the skin and makes up for makeup after absorbing oil.

The essence of Vitamin C + E: With a combination of vitamin C + E replenishes nutrients for the skin and add the powder to help easily clean oil on the skin and compensate for makeup for the skin after absorbing oil.

Super absorbent powder: 2-sided design is smooth, both sides can be used and absorb excess oil and grease on the skin twice as effectively.

  • Uses

      Cleanse oil and grease on the face.

  • Special ingredients


      - Super absorbent: Pulp + Jute fiber

      - Green tea: Jute fiber + Pulp + Green tea essence + Powder

      - Vitamin C + E: Jute fiber + Pulp + Vitamin + Powder

      Specification: 8.5*6 cm/sheet, 100 sheets/box, 03 boxes/bag, 12 bags/lot 24 lots/carton

  • User manual

      Use absorbent paper to gently blot on the nose, forehead where there is a lot of oil on the face.

      You can use 1 to 2 sheets at a time depending on how oily your skin is.

      After use, close the box to avoid dust.

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