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Puffme Round Cotton Pad 80 Pcs

Cotton is designed with 100% cotton combined with soft non-woven fabric to help both remove makeup and combine skincare to suit the intended use.

Not leave cotton fibers on the face, cotton does not crumble after use

Cotton packaging is designed in the form of a zipper pack that is easy to open and store cotton to avoid dirt and easy to carry when traveling for business or travel without taking up much space.

  • Uses

      Cleansing makeup. Lotioning. Washing face. Scrubbing.

  • Special ingredients

      Cotton is designed with 2 sides of special non-woven fabric.

      Cotton specification: diameter 6cm/piece.

      Packing: 80 pieces/packs.

      Packing: 48 packs/carton.

  • User manual

      Use your hands to firmly grasp the two edges of the cotton, gently stretch the cotton pad to about 8cm, so that the cotton becomes softer.

      * Use makeup remover: Soak the makeup remover solution on the fabric of the cotton hole and then gently put it on the face to remove makeup.

      * For skincare:

      Apply rose tonner or lotion on a flat side, apply it to different parts of the face.

      After use, close the zipper to avoid dust.

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