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Puffme Cotton Pad Wrapped inType 70 pieces/box

The smart design embraces the cotton face, leaving no lint on the face.

Sealed edge cotton wraps the whole thing without leaving any cotton fibers.

Save lotion and makeup remover.

The perfect combination of makeup remover and skincare.

The cotton box is designed to be easy to open and store cotton to avoid dust.

  • Uses

      Makeup remover, skincare, facial cleansing, scrubbing.

  • Special ingredients

      100% natural cotton combined with soft non-woven fabric.

      Cotton size: 5.5*7cm/piece

      Boxed: 70 pieces/box

      Packing: 48 boxes/carton

  • User manual


      Use the index and middle fingers to insert the cloth behind the cotton pad, then absorb the makeup remover, gently wipe the makeup on the skin.


      Apply rose water or lotion to the cotton pad, pat gently on the face, and massage for absorption.

      After use, close the lid of the box to avoid dust.

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